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Athena Fitness offers professional, fun and effective fitness classes for all fitness levels. Our classes include Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop, Pole Choreo, Aerial Silks, Trapeze, Circus workshops, Children’s Classes, Flexibility, Twerk, Holistic massages and more.

Building on our experience and successful growth, the Athena Fitness team is delighted to invite you to explore our website and contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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3 days ago
Circesque 2019 What an amazing night!! Thank you to EVERY single person involved In making this year as magical as the rest. Thank you to all our performances, especially the ones who keep coming back each year & I hope the newbies enjoyed it and will return. Every single one of your performances were epic, all so different and that’s why I love Circesque... non competitive and showcases what our industry is all about; dedication, love and oh so much talent! Bexita you are brilliant as always, I wish I had your courage. You are sassy, whitty and love you so much! Such a hard job but you nail it every time. Stephen Hawkins & Phil Smith thank you for your precious time, you will do an awesome job as usual and I can’t wait to see your magic!! My Athena team; helping with rehearsals every Saturday morning and making sure this continued whilst I was on maternity leave. Helping our students perform to their full potential. A special thanks for Leah, Kalee & Victoria for being super stars behind the scenes tonight and helping make the show run as smooth as it possibly could. Thank you to our audience, for coming to support the show and our performers! There wouldn’t be a show without you guys, the atmosphere was perfect. Finally to my beautiful Athena Fitness students; thank you for choosing to spend your Saturday mornings with me and the other instructors, for bringing my ideas and choreography to life, working so hard and putting up with my finicky, slightly OCD ways to make the performance perfect. You are all so amazing in your own special way and I really hope you all know that!! Thank you for supporting Athena!! I hope you are all buzzing & I hope to see you all, if I'm mental enough to do a 5th year! Peace x #circesque #circesque19
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1 week ago
Alona in her private session.... . . . . . #athenafitness #teamathena #dance #fitness #pdgenoveva #pdmartini #gravesend #poledance #poledancing
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1 week ago
Summers Big Top Circus Party! . . . . . #birthdayparty #childrenscircus #childrensfitness #gravesend #athenafitness #teamathena
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