Serena Woon

Flexibility, Pole and Twerk Instructor

I started pole dancing in September 2013 and was hooked after my first lesson. I love pole dancing; it is a great way to get fit, build strength and confidence. There is a Pole dance style for everyone; I love the strength moves and the flexi sexy floor-work. I started my flexibility journey around the same time that I started Pole; I couldn’t do the splits until 3 years ago!… now I help the Athena students to achieve their flexibility goals; whether you are a Pole, Hoop or Silks student, regular stretching will help to improve your range of motion , strength and stamina.

I love to dance – I am of Caribbean decent and grew up listening and dancing to Ragga, Reggae, R&B, DanceHall and Hip Hop music. I danced in the Notting Hill Carnival for 7 years and have performed Twerk and Pole routines for Circesque and Athena Fitness showcases. I love teaching Twerk; it’s such a fun work out; there are always plenty of laughs in class. As well as building a booty and toning your thighs, Twerk builds self-confidence, physical strength and stamina; you can burn somewhere between 300- 500 calories in an hour (the same as an hour of jogging).

I am a PDC and Spin City trained pole fitness and flexibility instructor and have attended training/ master classes with: Cheryl Teagann, Cleo the Hurricane, Daria Chebotova, Doris Arnold, Jesse Leanne Norris, Josh Taylor, Lux Atl, Marlo Fisken, Natasha Wang, Oona Kivela, Pixie Le Knot, Sam King, Sarah Blackmilk and Sarah Scott. I am also first aid trained and have a ‘Health and Safety’ at work qualification.

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