The Loft/Unit 2, 128 Milton Road, Milton Rd Business Park, Gravesend, DA12 2PG
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Pole fitness

Taught in fun and friendly environment by dedicated team of qualified
and insured professional instructors. Limited to 18 ladies per class.

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About Pole Fitness

Fantastic for toning, weight loss, improving strength and boosting your confidence, join our fun courses for Beginner to Super Advanced levels 1- 12.

Burn around 400 calories per class. No previous dance experience needed, we will teach you all the tricks/moves you need to know! Newly-fitted Dance Studio at The Loft, Unit 2, Milton Business Estate, Gravesend, Kent, DA12 2PG. High quality, 2 x 5 meter secured competition dance poles, olympic aerial rigging and 4x freestanding X-Poles with specialised safety mats.

Taught in fun and friendly environment by dedicated team of qualified and insured professional instructors. Limited to 18 ladies per class.

Pole Fitness… but spinning!!

Spinning Pole used a lot in showcases and competitions makes routines look spectacular but effortless.

Our Spinning Pole masterclasses really work on your arms and core for improved strength and endurance.

Learn to control your moves and transitions whilst performing routines that will make the crowd breathless, you will learn spins, climbs and inverts.

You may get dizzy! This class is perfect for all levels, or people wishing to further their pole skills and technique. You must have previous pole experience.

I had no intention of joining when I brought my daughter along. I felt too old, overweight and unfit. I was just there to watch. The positive infections atmosphere was amazing. There were all shape/sizes/ages and everyone was so sweet and supportive to one another. I HAD to give it a try, I felt like I was missing out!

Cheryl T /Class Member

This place is amazing, it doesn't matter your age your size or your experience, every one is so friendly and welcoming all the girls fill you with encouragement. You come out feeling amazing and you do things that you never knew you were capable of !!!! After year and half I have great friends and a stronger mind n body thank you Athena-pole dancer x

Ruth M /Class Member

Like my second home and I wouldn't have it any other way! Athena Fitness is the place to get fit, toned and body confident! I've met so many great friends here as well. The instructors are great at explaining the moves, they're all excellent at motivating you and are very patient! Athena Fitness offers FREE tasters, so defiantly worth giving all they have to offer a go!! You won't regret it!!

Victoria R /Class Member


    £ 65 Per Month
  • Aphrodite (Aerials Only) Membership

    Zeus (Non-Aerials) Membership

    Goddess Membership

    Ultimate Goddess Membership


Athena Fitness teach to a very high standard and level of pole and aerial arts have now launched our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level 8 gradings.

These gradings are designed for super advanced pole and aerial students who wish to test their skills to the maximum by performing an advanced routine that include specific moves which must be executed in an in-house showcase.

On achieving your grading you will be awarded with a Trophy.